News Roundup: It's Time to Stop Digging

Colorado has dug itself into a hole, budget-wise, and it's time to stop digging

Colorado Times Recorder - March 9, 2018

"To make the point, the two organizations have launched a multi-faceted campaign to encourage you to tell your state lawmakers to stop digging the budget hole. Among other things, there’s a petition and this video.

The campaign comes as Republican state lawmakers try to slash taxes in Colorado, by cutting state income rates, while simultaneously spending hundreds of millions on transportation."

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Colorado House Shelves Bill to Lower Income Taxes

Colorado News Connection - March 9, 2018

"Our communities are already struggling because our public investments aren't supporting schools, transportation, and higher education in ways they should, says Hedges. “And by saying 'no' to [House] Bill 1203, at least we won't have a bigger problem to deal with."

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Scott Downes