Guide to Economic Mobility in Colorado - Bell Policy Center

This guide explores how the forces of shifting demographics, economic inequality, shrinking public investments, and technological change make economic mobility a steep uphill climb. Despite the challenges these forces present, the Bell continues to believe successful use of policy levers in areas like education, health, housing, and labor and employment law can make that climb easier.

Colorado Tax Basics 2018 - Colorado Fiscal Institute

This brief outlines and describes the fundamental principles of good tax system, and delves into the facts and figures of how Colorado's tax system stacks up. It's a deep dive into the history of Colorado tax policy, a look at tax collections, who pays what, how Colorado ranks, and much more. 

On the Chopping Block: Colorado Public Investments - Bell Policy Center

As more and more low- and middle-income Coloradans face growing costs of living and stagnant incomes, it’s an important time to look to public investments. Today, the share of Colorado’s economy invested in public services aimed at expanding opportunity is a smaller portion than at almost any time in the past 40 years. This means Colorado’s state government is less able to be the strong public sector partner our communities need.

Big Cuts in State Income Taxes Not Yielding Promised Benefits - Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Five states — Kansas, Maine, North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin — have cut personal income taxes by large amounts in recent years in hopes of boosting their economies. All five states have seen slower growth in private-sector gross domestic product than the United States as a whole since their tax cuts took effect. And four of the five states — all but North Carolina — have seen slower private-sector job growth than the United States over the same period.

Trickle-Down Dries Up - Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy

Advocates of cutting state personal income taxes almost always argue that those cuts will foster meaningful economic growth. But the evidence does not support this claim, and the experience of states that have recently pursued this strategy has been mixed at best. This study suggests that states without personal income taxes lag behind states with the highest top tax rates. 

Tax Cuts And Jobs Act (TCJA) Overview - Colorado Fiscal Institute

In December 2017, the president signed into law the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a bill that was praised as tax reform, but is really just tax cuts for the wealthiest individuals and corporations. CFI analysts created this presentation as a tool for partners and community members to better understand what these changes mean for the federal tax code and for Colorado. CFI also published this analysis of from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy about the effect of the federal tax law on Colorado state revenue.