Stop Digging

The Hole We're In  

School Funding is in a hole

Education is crucial to the success of children and young adults. However, due to lack of state investment, many Colorado families do not have the means or opportunities to provide the proper education for themselves or their children. The statistics below show how our broken system hurts families across the state and at all stages of learning:


stop digging education.png


Transportation Funding Is In a Hole

Colorado’s transportation has become a significant problem across the state. Excessive traffic, outdated roads and bridges, and lack of mass transit options all weigh heavily on Coloradans. But without putting dedicated funding towards transportation, the problems will only worsen:

stop digging transportation.png

Affordable Housing Funding Is In a Hole

Adequate housing has become out of reach for many Coloradans. With growth significantly outpacing housing units available, renting has even become cost burdensome for families across the state. Without proper funding, Colorado’s unaffordable housing problem will only exacerbate.

stop digging housing.png

Child Care Funding is in a hole

Quality child care is fundamental to the development of children, both in the present and for future success. It’s just as important for working parents, but many families cannot afford the ever-growing cost of child care. This is made worse by the fact that many states, including Colorado, have not prioritized affordable child care:

stop digging child care.png