Stop Digging

Colorado Can't Afford To Keep

Digging Itself Into a Hole



Protecting the Colorado way of life we all love means investing in ourselves and our communities.

The Problem

The Colorado way of life can't be maintained when all the breaks are given to those who need them the least, while the rest of us are left in a hole that only gets deeper as our schools, our roads, our kids, our parks, and our communities suffer. This only makes it harder for every Coloradan to earn a good life.

Yet there are some who want to make that hole bigger—with unrealistic assumptions about the economic outlook, with irresponsible fiscal approaches that reward a few at the expense of everyone else, and with new proposals to takeaway tax revenue and put us in an even deeper hole. It will only get worse if we don’t do something.

The first rule of getting out of a hole is to stop digging—and that's exactly what Colorado leaders should do. 

The Hole We're In

How our kids are educated. How families and business move around. Where our families live. Whether students can afford college. Quality child care to help working families earn a good living. For Coloradans, these vital priorities and many more have fallen into a hole, which makes it harder to succeed. Learn more about what that means here. 

Digging Deeper

Public investments help protect the Colorado way of life, and help build thriving communities. But recent proposals would take away the very investments that we all rely on. Schools, roads, housing, health care, student aid, child care and more would all suffer as a result. These ideas would deepen the hole we're in. Find out more here.